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4-Cast 018, 06/13/07, 28.6M
4-Cast 017, 02/04/07, 21.5M
4-Cast 016, 10/21/06, 31.6M
4-Cast 015, 09/15/06, 27.0M
4-Cast 014.5, 08/11/06, 21.4M
4-Cast 014, 06/28/06, 39.6M
4-Cast 013, 06/20/06, 25.5M
4-Cast 012, 06/06/06, 28.7M
4-Cast 011.5, 05/16/06, 4.1M
4-Cast 011, 05/05/06, 31.9M
4-Cast 010, 03/23/06, 32.7M
Midwinter Video Spot, 2/09/06, 11.0M
4-Cast 009, 02/06/06, 38.5M
4-Cast 008, 12/20/05, 27.6M
4-Cast 007, 11/23/05, 25.8M
4-Cast 006, 10/27/05, 38.6M
4-Cast 005, 10/07/05, 37.2M
4-Cast 004, 8/28/05, 20.0M
4-Cast 003, 8/04/05, 22.6M
4-Cast 002, 7/20/05, 19.7M
4-Cast 001, 7/13/05, 27.6M
Teaser, 11/04/05, 0.8M
4-Cast 000 (Test), 6/23/05, 1.1M

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Well, since we're only going to feature the most current podcasts on the main page, here's all the rest of them!

#015: 09-14-06 -- Todd Wilson interviews Bill Gaither
Eric's on vacation in Wisconsin, but even so, we call him and host this special interview. Honorary Society Member, Bill Gaither, is interviewed by Todd Wilson, Director fo Marketing for the Barbershop Harmony Society (59:05) View Download/Listen Page

#014.5: 08-11-06 -- Indianapolis International Wrap-up
This is our wrap-up of the International Convention - Although there's a short interview on it, mostly it's Alan, Eric, and Allan discussing the convention and getting back into the podcast swing again. (45:19) View Download/Listen Page

#014: 06-28-06 -- Brian Lynch,  Drayton Justus and Bill Cale
We talk to the Barbershop Harmony Society's "IT Guy", Brian Lynch, about webcasts, computers and more. Then we bring an interview from spring with Drayton Justus, the current President of the BHS! (1:25:17) View Download/Listen Page

#013: 06-20-06 -- Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson, the Barbershop Harmony Society's Director of Marketing joins us for almost the entire episode to discuss a bunch of stuff including the upcoming International Convention in Indianapolis. (55:39) View Download/Listen Page

#012: 06-06-06 -- Men In Black and an International Interview
The current College International gold medalists spend some time with us (and teach a tag) and our international roving reporter talks to the director of the BInG! Champion Chorus. (1:02:32) View Download/Listen Page

#011: 05-05-06 -- Tony DeRosa and Gary Lewis
We talked to these two gold medalists in January and finally we're able to put their interview on the web! (69:34)

Update! - We've got an update on the contest and maybe a few more things to talk about in the Episode 11.5 that's also available.
View Download/Listen Page

#010: 03-22-06 -- Antiques Roadshow and Realtime!
In this episode we talk to Antiques Roadshow (one of the competitors at the Midwinter International Seniors Quartet Contest) and 2005 International Quartet Champions: Realtime! (71:31) View Download/Listen Page

#009: 02-06-06 -- Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram, And Joe Liles... all in the same issue!
We talk with Dale and Peggy, SAI Queens of Harmony, Judges, and founders of "The Part Shop" seminars. Then we go further and have a talk with Joe Liles! OK, so it's a long one again to make up for the time...(1:24:21) View Download/Listen Page

#008: 12-20-05 -- Brian Philbin Again, A Christmas Tag, CDWIs and More.
We talk some more with Brian Philbin about recording in a studio and Metropolis, Learn a Christmas Tag, Spend some time with Jim Turnmire talking about Chorus Director's and CDWIs. (60:14) View Download/Listen Page

#007: 11-23-05 -- Brian Philbin, Bill Weiser, Dr. Greg Lyne: A Literary Event!
We talk with Brian Philbin, Bill Weiser, and Dr. Greg Lyne, about barbershop music in general, the 4th Wall, books, and musical excellence (71:52) View Download/Listen Page

#006: 10-27-05 -- Ev Nau, Another Tag, and some Gold!
Another long episode, We talk to Ev Nau about a bunch of different things, and we just couldn't cut any of it! View Download/Listen Page

#005: 10-07-05 -- Youth Harmony, A Tag, and more!
Yeah... we know we missed a WHOLE MONTH... so this time, we're giving you a double episode... this one's twice as long as normal! View Download/Listen Page

#004: 8-28-05 -- Executive Director of the BHS and a tag contest winner
We talk with the new Executive Director/CEO of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Ed Watson, about a LOT of different stuff. Then we talk to someone that's a friend of his that also happened to win a contest... View Download/Listen Page

#003: 8-4-05 -- Coaches, Judges, Quartets, and Chorus 8-4-05
We continue with some more interviews recorded at the Salt Lake City International Convention.

Listen to Presentation Coach - Cindy Hansen, Members of the Ambassadors of Harmony, Presentation Judge - Bob Hodges and Lead of O.C. Times - Sean Devine.
View Download/Listen Page

#002: 7-20-05 -- A conversation with the President-Elect of Sweet Adelines, International
OK, so this is the second one, and what do we do? We resort to releasing a podcast where the main part was recorded before the first episode!

But, it is an interesting conversation with Pat LeVezu (the President-Elect of Sweet Adelines, International) and it really does show some of the differences and similarities between the men's Barbershop Harmony Society and SAI.
View Download/Listen Page

Wow! What an International Contest! Wednesday 7-13-05
The very first one... Here it is! The first episode of 4-Cast. We review the Mens International Convention, talk to a bunch of people and kind of give an idea of what's coming in the future 4-Casts. Listen to the cast and let us know what you think! View Download/Listen Page

Initial Test Broadcast: Revised 6-27-05
Very brief interview between Brian Philbin (Bass of Metropolis) and Eric directly after their performance at the 2003 Prelims in Reno NV.
(1.1 MB -- 01:38)

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