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#018: 06-13-07 -- Rick Spencer
We take some time with Rick Spencer, the Director of Music and Education for the Barbershop Harmony Society. We also learn a new tag from Raymond Davis. (1:02:15) View Download/Listen Page

#017: 02-04-07 -- The Cambridge Chord Company
(oh, and we're back!)
We've been gone for a while... (let's call it "on hiatus") but we're back! Our roving reporter, Allan Webb, interviews the director of the BABS champion chorus, The Cambridge Chord Company, that will be competing in Denver in 2007 (46:47) View Download/Listen Page

#016: 10-21-06 -- Jim and Greg Clancy
Eric and Alan are in Las Vegas at the Sweet Adelines International convention, it's late at night, and they've got nothing else to do... Since Eric visited Dallas about a month ago, it seemed right that this 4-Cast not be about SAI at all! Instead we learn a new tag from Raymond Davis, and Eric talks to Jim and Greg Clancy of the Vocal Majority (1:08:36) View Download/Listen Page
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