4-Cast # 013: 6-20-06 -- Todd Wilson
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Todd Wilson, the Barbershop Harmony Society's Director of Marketing joins us for almost the entire episode to discuss a bunch of stuff including the upcoming International Convention in Indianapolis.

We do our fastest turn-around on a podcast episode ever. Recorded just this morning, this cast is part one of our International Convention pre-show stuff. We spend most of the episode talking with Todd Wilson about Indianapolis marketing and a bunch of other important things, and we take a small time-out to learn another tag from Raymond Davis.

This is an episode that we almost (but not quite) wish we could do over... again... On June 6th we spent the morning talking to Todd Wilson and had a really great interview. That afternoon we realized that almost all of that time was GONE... so... we called Todd back up, and he graciously agreed to talk to us again and do this all over once more. So we decided that we'd try and get this one out the same day! Since this morning was the interview, and this evening is the release... we probably made it (unless you're in Europe: then midnight happened...

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55:39 - 25.5M

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