4-Cast # 008: 12-20-05 -- Brian Philbin Again, A Christmas Tag, CDWI's and more
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It's wonderful how things don't always go as planned.

We begin with the second part of our interview with Brian Philbin. He talks about recording technology, Metropolis, and more.

We listen to a pretty wild voicemail in order to learn a Christmas Tag,

We spend some time talking with Jim Turnmire, FWD VP of Director Development, about CDWIs and what they are.

All that and Eric is enjoying -5 Degree weather while visiting the Midwest, while Alan stays in California and slaves over the computer.

Here is the cue sheet for this episode
4-Cast008.mp3 (27.6 MByte) Pictures of the three guests

After reviewing the logs, we realized that we probably don't need three different formats for the files. The AAC file was only used by 14 people and since iTunes now handles bookmarks for anything that's listed as a podcast, that feature isn't needed. We previously offered two MP3 formats (normal and high quality). Since the size difference is really minimal and since we want 4-Cast to be only thought of as "quality" we're only going to supply one feed (the high quality one).

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