4-Cast # 014: 6-28-06 -- Brian Lynch, Drayton Justus and Bill Cale
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We talk to the Barbershop Harmony Society's "IT Guy", Brian Lynch, for a bit, then we bring an interview from spring with Drayton Justus, the current President of the BHS! (1:25:17)

OK, so that's an unprecedented THREE 4-casts in the same month! We promise it won't happen again. This is the second "pre-show" 4-Cast leading up to the International Convention in Indy.

Our conversation with Brian Lynch from Society HQ covers the webcast, computers, and a bunch more... And then we play an interview that Alan and Bruce Sellnow did with Drayton Justus (President of the Barbershop Harmony Society) and Bill Cale (President of the Far Western District) during the FWD Spring Convention.

While we do have a contest specifically for international, we don't have a tag in this 4-Cast. Instead, we're trying a new segment: "The Lynch Files" (or "TechTips from Brian").

The High Resolution "Members Only" version of this is available here. If you're interested, then subscribe and we'll send you the password (and our undying gratitude)!
01:25:16 - 39.6M

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