What is PodCasting?


RSS Feeds

Our RSS feeds (see the podcasts page for the list) are simple XML files that are hand entered at the time of the release of each episode.
These files typically include the file names, descriptions, publish dates, sizes, etc. of each release.
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About the 4-CASTs

We're planning on offering a new 4-cast show at least once a month (hopefully more, but no promises) in the standard MP3 format.

We may decide to add more formats (we used to supply 3 different ones) but only if there's a demand for them.

Podcasting is a way of distributing audio files over the internet automatically. When a site (like this) offers a podcast feed, you can subscribe to the feed using podcasting software and any new items will be automatically downloaded to your computer. As the name implies, if you have a portable audio player, the files can also be copied to the player.

However, and this is a common area of confusion, no iPod or other MP3 player is required. You can listen to the audio on your computer just as you would any MP3. In fact, with our feeds you don't even need podcast software. Just go to the specific details page and download the show you want directly.

Another common way of listening to the show is to download it and burn it to a CD. To that end, we've added "cue" sheets (starting with #7) that split the podcast nicely into chapters, and also provide burning details for CD burning software (like "Nero").

If you decide you want to listen to a show every time it comes out, you might consider using a podcasting client. Think of it as Tivo for Internet audio. You subscribe to content you want by visiting the web site and getting the podcast URL. Your podcast software automatically downloads any new shows and copies them to your computer (and if you have one, to your MP3 player). There's always something new and interesting to listen to and you never have to check the web to see when a new show is available.

Some services/software provide subscription means that are even simpler. For instance, if you use Apple's iTunes you can click on the appropriate subscription link on the main page and subscribe directly, without using any other client software at all.

Visit Wikipedia for more information about podcasting.

You'll find some directories of available podcasts on our links page and a list of some of the more common podcasting software on the software page. at ipodder.org.

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