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Bill Gaither's Organization

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Men In Black

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Late Show
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Dale And Peggy
Rumors Quartet
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OK... here goes...
We want to be famous!

To that end, we need listeners to rate our podcast (or vote for it, or add it to the favorites, or whatever) on the top PodCast directories. We figure that if enough votes/ratings come in, barbershop (and this podcast) will be noticed in a few more places on the web. -- We think that's a good thing!

Listed next are a couple of the sites that do that sort of thing (rating, etc). These are some of the larger web directories (the largest being Apple's iTunes). Please take a moment and go to these sites and vote/rate/add/review/etc!

This site is one of the primary listing and ranking sites for podcasts. You can vote for any podcast on their site, but only once per month.

Here's a link to the 4-Cast page on PodCastAlley. You can see our current ranking, and read and leave comments.
Most important though is to cast your vote for 4-Cast. On that page it's a small link that says "Vote Now."

Of course you could just click here to bring up the voting form too!

This site is the other major player in the rankings game. In order to get ranked here, we need to be on your "favorites" list. What that means is that you need to be signed up with them (so you can have a favorites list) then add us. You'll only need to do this once, it's not a continuous voting thing like Podcast Alley

Here's a link to our page on Podcast Pickle.

Digital Podcast is a newer ranking site. One of the nice advantages is that they let you rate podcasts right from the linking page... so

Please rate our podcast (DigitalPodcast)!

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