4-Cast # 007: 11-23-05 -- Brian Philbin, Bill Weiser, Dr. Greg Lyne: A literary Event
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We've got a bunch of stuff in this 4-Cast!

We start off with part of the long promised interview with Brian Philbin (Bass of Metropolis) who talks to us about the 4th Wall and his feelings on the whole KIB thing.

We've got a literary review section where we talk to Voice Teacher, Director, and Author Bill Weiser about his book.

We learn another awesome tag from Raymond Davis.

And last, but not least, Eric spends some time with Dr. Greg Lyne discussing excellence in barbershop and the Inner Game.

All that and our annoying commentary as well! (Time 71:52 -- This time it DOES fit on a single CD!)

Just for Martin Grandahl, here is the cue sheet for this episode!
4-Cast007.mp3 (25.8 MByte) Pictures of the three guests

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