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Take a lighthearted fun approach to Barbershop Music (and all things Barbershop) with Alan LeVezu and Eric Brickson. Listen as these two long time Barbershopers share their humble opinions and stories with each other and their guests. But keep in mind that these opinions shared are that of each individual and not the Barbershop Harmony Society, Sweet Adeline’s International, Harmony Incorporated, or any other such organizations.

We will be talking to executives, coaches, directors and never forget- Joe (or Jane) Barbershoper, about membership, goals, education, top choruses and quartets and Barbershop life.

If you love Barbershop e-mail list and groups, and want more than just typed words, you owe it to yourself to listen to …"4 Cast, the only podcast dedicated strictly to Barbershop Harmony."

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