4-Cast # 017: 2-04-07 -- The Cambridge Chord Company (and by the way, we're back!)
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We've been gone for a while... (let's call it "on hiatus") but now we're back and so, what do we do? Why, we pull up an interview that we didn't do!

Not only that, we didn't do it a long time ago! Our roving international reporter, Allan Webb, interviews Paul Davis, the Director of the Cambridge Chord Company. This BABS champion chorus has won the title "Choir of the World" at an international choral competition in 2004. They competed with 57 leading classical choirs and walked away with the prize in the championship festival sponsored by Luciano Pavarotti.

Then how can we top that? Well, we can't so there's a bit of a tech talk, and a discussion of a contest and a new type of prize... (related? hmmm...) and then we leave you wanting more! (46:47)

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1:08:36 - 21.5M

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